ECU & KEY  

From organised criminal operations to spur of the moment false injury claims, fraudulent insurance claims have costly consequences for both insurers and the general public. With our dedicated vehicle fraud investigation unit, Hoopers work alongside insurance partners and as independent expert witnesses to help combat the rising number of fraudulent claims being made today's.


Potential  Fraud  Investigation

When a car or vehicle insurance claim is suspected to be fraudulent, you can call on Hoopers to add an engineer's point of view to assist your investigation.

We aim to prevent criminals and opportunists from gaining financial benefit or compensation from their insurer via fraudulent means, by gathering data and evidence to determine the facts surrounding an alleged collision or damage to a vehicle.

Our specialist fraud engineers can conduct a series of physical inspections of the vehicle and the location of the alleged incident and check for consistencies on our comprehensive databases, electronic interrogation and through reconstruction analysis.


Revealing  The Truth 

When we team our experienced engineers with sophisticated vehicle fraud assessments, we can reveal the truth behind the claim. Picking out fraudulent activity with precision, the experts at Hoopers can uncover:

  • Claims for phantom passengers
  • Staged accidents and the events around the incident
  • Contrived accidents
  • Legitimate vs. non-legitimate claims for damage or personal injury in low speed impact (LSI) cases
  • Exaggerated damage claim
  • ECU interrogation to assist in confirming authenticity of the claim
  • Key interrogation equipment to confirm the keys are from the vehicle under review

Auto  Crime  Services

  • Identification of stolen vehicles
  • Cloned / rung vehicles
  • Re-instate vehicles identity via a multi-layered approved system
  • Innocent purchasers
We only conduct this service for insurance principles

 Putting the Brakes on 
 Fraudulent Activity 

If there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity surrounding an insurance claim, Hoopers can conduct a full vehicle fraud investigation to provide you with the information you need to find out what really happened. Timely and efficient, we deliver an in-depth and accurate engineer's report to clarify the true events leading up to the claim quickly and cost-effectively.